The Vermont State Guard

The Vermont State Guard Motto is “Ready to Serve.” We do this at the direction of the Governor of Vermont through the Adjutant General of the Vermont National Guard. As such, our unpaid volunteer activities take place only within the state. We are men and women, ages 17 to 80, former military service or experienced civilian, possessing the necessary skills, knowledge, and commitment to plan for organizational readiness and perform multiple tasks to support the Vermont National Guard in emergency or service events.


Who We Are

Commanding General’s Statement:

The Vermont State Guard is comprised of dedicated volunteer men and women, committed to serving the State of Vermont. It is this passion to service that makes the Vermont State Guard a cut above.

As the threat to our national and local security increases with recent events and an unsettling global climate, and because homeland security is a national priority, the role of the Vermont State Guard, along with other state guards, becomes ever more important.

When substantial portions of the Vermont National Guard (Army and Air) become deployed outside of the state, the Vermont State Guard may be called upon to assume responsibilities of the National Guard during their absence. By order of the Governor, and under the direction of the Adjutant General, the Vermont State Guard may be called upon to provide services during a state emergency, or to perform a humanitarian role in special situations. Whatever the call, it is incumbent upon the Vermont State Guard to be ready.

The Vermont State Guard is one of many state guards throughout the country.

Richard D. Morrison , Major General

Commanding General, Vermont State Guard



The mission of the Vermont State Guard is to be prepared to perform tasks of internal security and public safety, as ordered by the Governor, under the direction of The Adjutant General. As an example, the VSG is in charge of the Transportation Center in the event of a accident at the Vermont Yankee Power Plant. The VSG also assists the National Guard with Memorial Ceremonies such as the annual POW / MIA Day Remembrance.

Focus of Operations and Training:
Areas of concentration are, but not limited to…

-Safe traffic and pedestrian control on non-public property.
-Shelter management / mass care.
-Emergency medical services.
-Support of the military community including their families.
-Emergency response training to VSG members and other individuals in the community.


The Vermont State Guard (VSG) is authorized under Title 32,

Section 109© of the United States Code and Title 20, Part 3, Chapter 61, of the Vermont State Statues via Executive Order Number 67, dated 26 April 1982, signed by Richard A. Snelling, Governor of Vermont.

The Vermont State Guard is recognized as a State Defense Force by the National Guard Bureau by NGB regulation 10-4.

In accordance with the Vermont State Statutes Title 20, the Vermont State Guard is tasked to, in the long-term, establish an Emergency Corps for the purpose of providing internal security and public safety.